There’s Finally a Lunchbox for Adults (That Won’t Make You Feel Like a Kid)

New Year’s resolutions are hard. Especially when you’ve committed to them but there are roadblocks halting your progress every step of the way.

So if you’ve been saving your dollars this January by taking your lunches into the office instead of going out for food every day, we salute you.

But that still doesn’t make soggy sandwiches, a hunt for missing Tupperware, or the daily search for office cutlery any more tolerable.

That’s why we’re very excited about The Prepd Pack, which launched on Kickstarter and has stormed past its $25,000 funding goal. Otherwise known as ‘The Lunchbox Reimagined’, it’s about to forever transform packed lunches with its smart design and aesthetically pleasing look.

In its introductory video, it describes itself as “more than just a lunchbox. It’s a new way of taking control of what you eat.”

Prepd Pack have created a system of modular containers that can be arranged in a number of combinations to suit your changing needs for the week – in other words, they recognize that we don’t just want something that can only fit a regulation-shaped lunch.

It can also fit snacks, sushi or salads in the containers, and can be assembled easily at your desk.

But perhaps most impressive of all is the app (Prepd) they’ve developed, which has been curated by chefs, nutritionists and foodies who’ve come up with meal plans and exciting recipes.

They inform you which ingredients to buy, how to prepare them, and, best of all, the recipes on there are all designed to fit perfectly into the Prepd Pack containers – which, by the way, are dishwasher and freezer safe as well as leak-proof.

It comes with a set of magnetic cutlery so you’ll never have to eat your pasta with a spoon again (unless you actually want to). Plus, there’s a neat little eating mat so you don’t have to put your utensils down on sticky cafeteria tables.

The price of the original pack that comes with one of everything is $50 and the project will be funded on Friday, February 29.

The upside? Your days will start without wiping down the inside of your bag because it leaked again. The downside? Colleagues may go wild with envy.