The One Detail (Most) Millennials are Forgetting When Getting Dressed

Working in the Montreal fashion industry of Montreal for the past eight years has led me to the realization that there is one small, annoying, yet integral detail of looking put together: ironing your clothes.

And unfortunately, it’s mostly Millennials who are missing the memo.

Five minutes can seriously aid in making a greater first impression, so why are we dismissing the importance of ironing our clothes?

Well, I have a few ideas for why this may be the case (and some arguments for why it’s time to stop the excuses and pick up an iron already.)


1. “Wrinkles are inevitable, so why waste time ironing?”
If you don’t know that there is an immense difference between an un-ironed garment and the natural wrinkles that appear after being ironed and worn, well, now you know. Please feel free to conduct your own experiment: wash and air dry your favourite 100% cotton shirt. You will see that the entire fabric has a soft wrinkled effect, which is not how you want to present yourself.

Take a few minutes to iron out the kinks and spend the next eight to ten hours wearing that freshly ironed cloth. At the end of the day, inspect the new wrinkles, they will be mostly apparent where you bend your arms and at the waist, wherever the shirt moved the most. However, the fabric in between those areas will remain predominantly smooth; a clear sign that you dressed in an ironed shirt that morning.


2. “Ironing is too time-consuming a.k.a. I’m usually late when getting ready and have no time.”
The time spent on ironing is relative to what is in your wardrobe. The more pieces you own in materials that wrinkle, the more ironing your life will require. That being said, to help with time management, do not place a freshly washed item back into your closet if it has not been ironed. This will allow you to press snooze twice as much in the AM and still manage to look put together (since your clothes will be ready to wear).

If you don’t want to iron in bulk, be productive and multitask a little every time you’re binging on Netflix. If you still can’t manage to keep a polished attire, I suggest sticking to fabrics that don’t crease. Polyester, nylon, rayon or acrylic blends are all pretty wrinkle resistant.


3. “I just don’t care.”
As a young professional, you should. First impressions are so important and it’s not only about wearing the latest trends. When you wear unironed clothes, you look lazy – simple as that. Your perfectly fashionable outfit doesn’t actually look that stylish anymore. You might think you don’t care, but do you really want to look like you don’t care? It’s like an unfinished piece of art, it has potential but it just isn’t there yet.

You wouldn’t drink an old fashioned without the whisky, so stop wearing a wardrobe without the pressing.

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