The 3 Things Nobody Tells You About Dating a Chef

I have never been a foodie.

New restaurants were not an excitement for me and I never felt the need to try the greatest and latest trend in food. To be honest, half the time I was preoccupied with being too healthy, eating plain baked chicken and steamed broccoli, while the other half was spent eating peanut butter from the jar. I didn’t cook and by no means even liked the idea of cooking. Why spend so much time making something that would disappear within five to ten minutes?

Then I met my boyfriend. A chef. Someone who lived for food and whose greatest joy was cooking and eating. The complete opposite of me yet we shared a love of grilled cheese and gelato and thus the dating began.

That was over two years ago and my relationship with food has never been the same (although I still eat peanut butter from the jar).

So if you’re thinking of dating a chef you need to know that your life will change and there are, in fact, downfalls to the situation.


1. Everything tastes better with salt and butter
I truly believe that this is the motto in the culinary industry. I never realized how many things (everything) you can add butter to and it will actually make your taste buds sing. When you see how much salt and butter go into making food taste good, your love handles will cry out in fear. It’s no big deal every once in a while, but when you date a chef, he wants everything to taste better. After only three months of living together, the added butter on my belly needed to end and I had to force him into more sensible cooking.


2. You are forced to become a food critic.
My life as a non-foodie quickly changed the first few months of dating as he wined and dined me at the best restaurants. I was introduced to foods I never tried before. How do you go back to eating plain chicken after you’ve eaten roasted duck? As time progressed, I picked up on his palette and commentary: the sauce is missing some salt, the beef is slightly overcooked, the tartar is lacking flavor. Sometimes I miss the days of eating without knowing if it’s that good or not.


3. Staying in becomes better than going out.
Having a personal live-in chef makes staying home just as good (if not better) then dining out. I know that my meal will be good and there’s no chance of disappointment in trying a new place. However, we now don’t go out nearly as much and have yet to visit that new restaurant that we wanted try that opened almost a year ago now. I no longer feel the need to dress up and put on my red lipstick because we’re just staying home and my stylish boots have been swapped for slippers.

Of course, with every negative, there’s a positive. Slippers are extremely comfortable, staying in saves a lot of money and food is a necessity. So my suggestion is to start scoping out all the single chefs in your neighborhood.

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