The 6 Best Montreal Cafes for Serious Coffee Drinkers

I like to categorize coffee drinkers into two main groups: those who like the idea of coffee and those who absolutely love the taste of the bean.

The first will likely have all the best photos on Instagram at the coolest and newest coffee shops; they will actively participate in coffee crawls and likely order something along the lines of a mocha caramel latte. The second group legitimately enjoys an espresso; their Instagram page will probably contain numerous up close photos of caffeinated beverages usually of a similar stature – short. They will frequent the same cafe rather than visit new places because they know the quality is consistent.

Being part of the latter group, I have been disappointed one too many times with a coffee flavoured milk beverage pretending to be something it wasn’t. As a result, I have compiled a list of reliable coffee shops in Montreal.

If you’re in a committed relationship with coffee then these are a must-try. I guarantee you will not be let down.

best montreal cafes

Image: Cafe San Simeon, via Instagram

Caffe San Simeon
This place will actually transport you back to that little cafe you once visited in Italy, complete with the table of Italian-speaking men. It doesn’t matter which beverage you order (side note: the menu does not contain any caramel), the coffee is always perfectly creamy and strong.

Best Montreal Cafes

Image: Cafe Olimpico, via Facebook

Café Olimpico
Legendary in the coffee scene, this place is worth the line up. The froth on the macchiato is like velvet and the latte is the perfect ratio of milk to espresso. Now with a second location in Old Montreal at the beautiful Hôtel William Grey, you can enjoy your coffee and then hop over to the OTH Boutique; have your coffee and buy a pair of new sneakers too.

best montreal cafes

Image: Cafe Gentile, via Instagram


Cafe Gentile
Established in 1959, Gentile’s is a Montreal landmark. They were serving (great) coffee before it was even cool. Having just opened a second location in Westmount, the new shop is a must visit for your coffee needs and will even produce some Instagram-worthy content.

best montreal cafes

Image: Cafe de Mercanti, via Instagram

Café de Mercanti
Serving authentic Italian coffee this cafe is based upon the traditional coffee bars in Italy. The coffee doesn’t just taste great, it’s made with love and passion. Every espresso has the just the right crema topping and the cappuccinos are flawlessly finished with the precise amount of foam.

best montreal cafes

Image: Café Dei Campi, via Facebook

Café Dei Campi
Celebrating their one year anniversary soon, this spot is newer to the Montreal coffee scene. Nonetheless, the coffee doesn’t disappoint and the plethora of vegan goodies (all made in house) to accompany are exceptional.

best montreal cafes

Image: montrealfooddivas. com

San Gennaro
While most people will rant and rave about their homemade pizza, the coffee is not to be forgotten; they offer a perfectly sized cortado and make the best almond milk latte in the city. With a variety of authentic baked goods to satisfy any sweet tooth, this coffee and biscotti will have you dreaming of Italy in no time.