The O Factor: Oprah Earned $12 Million for One Tweet About Bread

With just one tweet, Oprah Winfrey made more cash than 99% of people will make in their lifetime.

The beloved media mogul raked in $12 million for one tweet (and one that was less than 140 characters) about how she was able to lose weight and still eat bread.

Yes – $12 million.

But there was a little more work involved. Her post was accompanied by a 30-second video to promote her journey with Weight Watchers, the company that allows her to indulge in all that grain while dropping weight (26 pounds as of late, to be exact). As you may recall, Oprah is the largest individual stakeholder in Weight Watchers International Inc.\

In October, Oprah became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers after she purchased 10 per cent of the company’s shares.

Once again demonstrating the dollar-generating power of both Oprah and social media, an hour after the story was posted, Weight Watchers shares climbed slightly over $2 a share. Because Oprah owns roughly 6 million shares, the surge in share prices made the already rich AF star $12 million just like that.

The only catch is that, unlike these Instagram stars, she won’t actually get the money until she decides to sell her shares. Judging from her success rate with the company and the overall success of the company, this likely won’t be any time soon.

Not to mention, she doesn’t exactly need the extra cash.

One thing’s for sure; if she ever wants to up the price of her house, she may want to throw out a Tweet about how amazing the neighbourhood is before putting it on the market.