Gridlock: Toronto Cab Drivers Could Hold a Huge Protest to Disrupt NBA All-Star Weekend

As the city gears up for hosting the NBA All-Star weekend – a weekend that will bring the biggest names in sports and entertainment to the city – Toronto cab drivers are preparing a show of their own.

According to 680News, Toronto cab drivers are planning a city wide protest with the hopes of shutting down competitor Uber, with one demonstration that’s threatening to disrupt the NBA All-Star weekend in February.

This will be very similar to the protest they started on December 9th, when as many as 2,000 Toronto cab drivers caused traffic jams and chaos for anyone trying to drive.

Next Wednesday, Toronto city council will be meeting to discuss whether they should pass an injunction against Uber and UberX drivers specifically.

If city councillors end up voting against an injunction, local cab drivers are planning on taking their protests to the next level by setting up major disruptions that would start Feb. 12, the opening night of NBA All-Star weekend.

The next major ‘day of action’ will take place in Ottawa next Tuesday, when cabs from all over the province will converge on Parliament Hill in hopes of gaining federal support in their fight against the ride-sharing service.

This news follows the City of Toronto issuing Uber a taxi brokerage licence last Friday, which means Uber can now operate as a regulated taxi, like Beck and Royal (this does not include UberX).

The next day of discussion will come on Feb. 7, when all of the region’s taxi associations will sit down together for the first time to discuss their next move.

But if the injunction is denied and cab drivers decide to protest you can expect one hell of a headache trying to get through the city on what will already be the busiest weekend Toronto has this winter.