Spring/Summer Fashion Trend: Destroy Your Own Denim

We’ve all tried cutting our blue jeans hoping to produce a pair similar to the fantastically distressed denim featured in our favorite fashion magazine only to end up with the blues ourselves because we somehow annihilated our go-to pair of jeans. Right…? Little did we know there are particular methods and significant skills involved in the process. 

Though destroyed denim is one of the biggest trends this summer, it’s hard to find the perfect fitting pair of worn jeans for women – or for men – so we have investigated how to distress it on our own. The most important factor we learned is that different tools and techniques are needed depending on the look one is going for. 

1. Sandpaper

Rubbing a coarse piece of sandpaper on your denim roughens up the fabric and slowly thins it out to create organic looking holes. Though using this method takes a big chunk of time, you don’t have to worry about overdoing or ruining the denim.

2. Shaving Razor

Press the shaving razor hard on the denim and scrape back and forth until the fabric distresses as desired. Shaving razors are great on seams and edges and create a variation in effect, but the look turns out less dramatic than other methods.  

3. X-Acto Knife or Razor Blade

For larger holes, use a razor blade or X-Acto knife and slice horizontally. This is the quickest and easiest of methods, but there is more clean-up involved as the edges can become fuzzy.

To leave big, threaded holes, use your razor or knife to cut horizontal lines in random widths and placement. Then use tweezers to pull the vertical threads free. Continue in as large of a section as you desire and ensure to create an angled edge of the hole for a less contrived look.

4. Emery Board 

Using an emery board can help to roughen up the look of slits to create a more natural distress.

5. Cheese Grater

Grating your denim can create unique results but takes a lot of time and work. Pre-slicing the fabric can help to get the job started quicker and creates that stringy appearance. 

How destroyed you choose to go with your denim changes the amount of time and labour you must commit, so if you’re thinking you can start this project an hour before you run out the door, you better think twice. The key to awesome results is in variation, cuts and your patience. Also keep in mind that running your denim through a wash and dry cycle aids in destroying it even more. 

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Cover image from: tumblr.com

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