Six Canadians Officially Make the Shortlist for a One Way Ticket to Mars

The selection of candidates seeking to establish a colony on Mars – never to return to Earth – has officially been narrowed down to 100.

And six of them are fellow Canadians, who may soon trade our home and native land for life on the Red Planet.

Yesterday, Mars One announced the candidates and that would now proceed to Round 3. The candidates are from around the world and include an equal number of males and females.

The project initially received over 200,000 applicants, all of them eager to establish a society on another planet, including 8,243 Canadians. The most recent round of applicants were narrowed down after a series of personal online interviews with the mission’s chief medical officer, Norbert Kraft.

The six remaining Canadian candidates include four people from Ontario and two from British Columbia. A seventh Canadian – a Yukon native – also made the cut, but has since dropped out. 

We mean we can’t really blame him – it’s kind of a big commitment. 

Once they leave for Mars, there’s no returning. Not to mention, you’re stuck with the same two-dozen people for the rest of your life.

The next round will see the candidates divided into teams and assessed on their ability to work together as team players. They will also have to undergo another round of interviews. Finally, 24 will be chosen to pack their bags for their one-way journey to Mars. Four will leave Earth every two years, beginning in 2024.

Though the initiative has stirred up controversy and the outcome remains unknown, one thing is certain: this will be the greatest reality TV show ever aired.

The Potential Canadian Martians:

Daniel Benjamin Criger, 28, Waterloo, Ont.
Karen Louise Cumming, 53, Burlington, Ont.
Reginald George Foulds, 60, Toronto, Ont.
Andreea Lavinia Radulescu, 33, Toronto, Ont.
Joanna Marjorie Hindle, 42 Whistler, B.C.
Susan Higashio Weinreich, 42, Vancouver, B.C.


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