Only One Person at a Time Can View the ‘Most Exclusive Website in the Universe’

The self proclaimed “most exclusive website in the universe” may not be what you’d expect.

The website allows only one user access at any given time, and that’s only after users wait their turn behind more then 50,000 others. Once inside, you can view the site’s secret main page for just 60 seconds at a time.

And many patient people have been waiting a long time for their number to be called. Think weeks, not hours.

Created by web developer Justin Foley, was designed as the “antithesis” of what the internet is – open and accessible. He launched the site in March, but it took a few months to gain traction. He told the Washington Post that 300,000 people have attempted to gain access since June 30, but only 55,000 have been able to get inside.

And once they did, many were probably pretty disappointed.

Because most of us time-strapped young professionals don’t have time to man our web browser 24/7 for months, you can also cut the line and view the contents of the mysterious site on YouTube.

Like waiting in line for a bar or restaurant that turns out to be a major letdown, we bet you’ll be glad you didn’t spend a huge chunk of your summer wasting your time in line.