Adidas Just Made a Shoe Out of Plastic Ocean Trash That Creates Zero Waste

Talk about style meets function.

Adidas just released a prototype shoe in collaboration with Parley for the Oceans, “an organization in which creators, thinkers and leaders come together to raise awareness about the disastrous state of the oceans and to collaborate on promising projects that can protect and conserve them.”

The shoe, the first of its kind in the world, has an “upper made entirely of yarns and filaments reclaimed and recycled from ocean waste and illegal deep-sea gillnets.” That’s right, these kicks were knitted. Not only that, they also claim to have created zero waste.

Which sounds like a really good thing, ’cause in case you were unaware, there’s far too much plastic in the world’s oceans.

Still only a concept, our hope is to see Adidas and many other companies get involved in helping to clean up the oceans – and if it means we have to wear stylish kicks to get it done, who are we to complain…