Office Space: Montreal’s Unique Foods

Name of business:
Unique Foods Canada.

What do you do (as a business)?
At Unique Foods, we specialize in importing specialty, high end beverages to Montreal, as well as to all of Canada, and act as a mini PR agency with a full roster of promo “ambassadors” available to enhance any event to that our products are involved with.

Our mission is to provide you with unique, innovative, “lifestyle” beverages; amongst them are HYPE Energy Drinks, Stewart’s Old Fashioned Sodas and Aqua Hydrate water, owned by Actor Mark Wahlberg and entertainer Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

How many employees are currently there?
We currently employ 15 dedicated full-time employees, and have many other sub-contracted part-time employees, as well as interns, and employees who work for brokerage houses that we hire to represent us in different markets.

Where is it located?
We are located at 1751 Richardson street; south of Downtown, and just west of Old Montreal, running along the scenic Lachine Canal.

What is the history behind this building?
The building housed the Northern Electric company complex, which was completed in several phases spanning the years 1913 to 1948, eventually occupying the entire block bound by Richmond, Richardson, Shearer and St. Patrick streets. This large factory produced cables, wiring and electric switchgear. An industrial city unto itself, Northern Electric employed as many as 4,686 people in 1941. The property management firm COGIR s.e.n.c. has managed Nordelec since 2004, and now a new condo project, as well as a commercial project, is under construction to breathe continual new life into the area. 

Why did you pick this location?
To be centrally located and in the heart of the action. The entire building is a hub for creativity and vibrancy with offices for talent, PR and advertising agencies, video game programmers, web developers, photo studios and so on…

How did you personalize this office space?
By adding a massive metallic Hype Can in one part of the office, a treadmill for employees to get their heart pumping (for the right reasons), our very own kitchen set up with an indoor picnic table for the staff to sit together every day and discuss whatever they so desire, and we have plenty of plants everywhere, as well as big windows and high ceilings so that nobody feels confined. 

What makes it unique?
It’s a bright, open space, with a very “urban chic” feel to it (a la New York meets Montreal kind of vibe). The cool staff, lively music playing from the stereo, and all our “lifestyle brands” make it truly unique. We try to have the work environment be as enjoyable as possible in order to get the best out of our employees.

What are you favorite aspects about this space?
All the things that make it unique! One feels inspired when walking into the office and seeing all the action unfold on a day-to-day basis. There’s never a dull moment, especially on “dress down” Fridays where we never know what different fashion statements people are going to make… 

How many Hype cans are consumed on a daily basis?
As many cans as there are high energy, happy people running around.

Tell us about your office mascot:
We have our very own mascot named “Dexter” who meets and greets all our guests with his wagging tail and doggy tricks! If you’re not careful with where you leave your food, it’s likely to disappear within a moment’s notice, as he retreats to his doggy bed with his plundered catch of the day. Dexter makes sure to check in on all of us every day as he does his daily rounds for petting, playing, and eating scraps. He is a vital member of the team, helping to put smiles on people’s faces, and keep the stress levels to a minimum.