Notable Poll: What’s Toronto’s Best Seafood Restaurant?

If The Little Mermaid has taught us anything, it’s that darling, it’s bettah down where it’s wettah. Not to mention that no matter how talented a lobster is, we’re still probably going to eat him.  

Come on; they’re just so delicious.

As the sea is with its creatures, so too is Toronto full of a unique and exceptional variety of seafood restaurants.

While some of the classics still endure, a much wider net has been cast and has brought to shore a level of selection afforded to very few cities that are nowhere near an ocean. The question is, which one is your favourite?

Take a look at our suggestions below and let us know who you think fairs the finest in the fishbowl. If you have somewhere else in mind, simply select ‘other’, enter the name, and we’ll make to make room for them in the tank…



Joso’s Restaurant

The Fish Store & YuNes’ Sandwiches

The Chase

Rock Lobster (Any Location)

Rodney’s Oyster House


Pure Spirits Oyster House & Grill

Oyster Boy

Buster’s Sea Cove (Take-Away in St. Lawrence Market)


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Image of Buster’s Sea Cove was taken from instagram account @ange_kan.

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