Notable Poll: What Was Toronto’s Best New Café of 2014?

We know exactly how our city’s young professionals take their coffee: seriously.

And while many are happy to line up at one of the city’s eighty-four billion Starbucks locations to enjoy a $5 cup of “Moch”-something or “Mach”-something, or hit up new staples like Dark Horse, Balzac’s, and Lit, every Torontonian that’s seen The Lion King knows the circle of life applies to Cafes just as much as it does to talking cats.

With some exotic, some industrial, and some plain ol’ delicious, last year brought us a bevy of brand new bean barns and we want to know which one was your favourite.

So here’s the skinny: take a look at the options below and place your vote. If there’s somewhere else you think should be included, select “Other” and enter their name. We’ll always make sure to include them in the final roast…   



M Square Coffee Co.

Propeller Coffee Co.

Goat Coffee Co.

Boxcar Social

Portland Variety

Louie Craft Coffee

Extra Butter Coffee

9 Bars

Pilot Coffee Roasters Tasting Bar


Cover from: Goat Coffee

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