Tech Expert Amber Mac Reveals 5 Life Changing Tech Trends for 2015

Before you complain about your workload, growing to-do list, or your inability to parallel-park your car, keep in mind that good things are on the way this year.

Like, say, everything from seriously connected cars that drive without you in them, to on-demand screen projections anywhere you want them.

For even more of an inside scoop, we asked tech expert Amber Mac what young professionals can get excited about when it comes to tech trends for 2015.

Here’s what she had to say…

1. Connected Cars
If you attend a lot of meetings, chances are you also spend a lot of time driving around looking for places to park. 

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, BMW showed that they want to save you time in the future with their Remote Valet Parking Assistant.  This technology will allow drivers to exit the automobile before it zooms away and parks itself. 

When you’re ready to get picked up, simply call for your car and it will drive on its own safely back to you.

2. Wearable Technology
Wearable technology is finally getting, well, wearable – and useful. 

Historically, we’ve seen products in this category receive a lot of hype among early adopters, but those same products rarely appeal to a mainstream audience. 

That’s all about to change. 

Forrester recently released a report citing that 45 per cent of US consumers are interested in wearables. In Canada, we’ve already seen innovative smartwatch products such as the Samsung Gear 2, along with first-to-market apps like Scotiabank’s Quick Balance download that enables you to check your bank account on your wrist.

3. Consumer Robots
While there’s a lot of excitement surrounding mobile technology, looking at tiny screens to get your work done can be a pain (sometimes literally for your eyes).

Keecker is a little robot that wants to make screen time better. 

This new product – which will soon be available for pre-order – will zip around your home projecting screens on command. Seriously.

In other words, if you’re downloading a presentation on your phone or watching a video on your tablet, your high-tech robot can project these items on the walls around you for a better viewing experience.

4. Smart Homes
We’ve seen products like the NEST thermostat, which you can control from your smartphone, explode on to the smart home scene. 

Another product that’s making waves early in 2015 is LG’s Twin Wash, a well-designed machine that has separate drawers so you can wash two loads at once. With the company’s ThinQ app, you can stop wasting time checking on laundry thanks to easy notifications that will alert you when your clothes are done.

5. Visual Social
Whether it’s Instagram, Pinterest, or Snapchat, these image-based platforms are now mainstream – especially among young professionals. 

Instagram, for example, has 300 million monthly active users with approximately 70 million photos shared every day. If you’re looking to market your company – or yourself –  it’s time to start putting in some serious camera time to promote your brand.


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