Most Canadian Singles Would Rather Give Up Love Than Red Meat

Finding out someone’s a vegetarian on a first date can be a deal-breaker for some (just ask any of your actively dating herbivore friends).

In light of World Vegetarian Day on October 1, Elite Singles asked 400 Canadian singles what they really think about vegetarianism and dating.

There were some surprising results in the study, especially when it came to the passionate carnivorous set.

Given an ultimatum, 77 per cent of Canadian meat eaters would choose bacon over their boyfriend (or girlfriend).

That’s right, they’d rather give up love than meat.


As for the vegetarians, just four per cent of them would actually try to convert their partner. This contradicts the fear of 17 per cent of meat eaters, who worry that falling for a vegetarian will mean a life without so much as gravy.

That said, nearly half (44 per cent) of meat-eating Canadians would cut back on their meat intake if asked nicely.

This includes 30 per cent who would try to avoid meat in front of their partner and 14 per cent who would give it up entirely.

It may be the ultimatum rather than the diet that’s the real concern when it comes to inter-diet dating.


While 45 per cent of vegetarians would like a partner to at least consider eating less meat, the majority – 51 per cent – don’t think it’s their place to make demands on a partner’s diet. Furthermore, 90 per cent of Canadian vegetarians would be happy to start a serious relationship with a meat-eater.

Meanwhile, slightly fewer meat eaters (86 per cent) would want a serious relationship with a vegetarian.

Overall, the study found that 74 per cent of Canadian singles would most like to date a meat-eater and just over a quarter (26 per cent) would most like to date a vegetarian. Compared to other countries, it also found that Canada is relatively open-minded about vegetarian dating.

And we should be. Why let the difference between a veggie burger and a bacon double cheeseburger come between a potential love connection?

Plus, Toronto has some pretty amazing vegan restaurants that will satisfy as much as a juicy steak does when it’s the veggie-lover in the relationship’s turn to choose the restaurant.