ModCloth Reveals a New Body Positive Campaign Using Employees as Models

Since 2002, ModCloth has been selling women’s vintage and indie inspired clothing — never straying from societal norms.

But the US retailer is making headlines this week, but not for causing a media fire for launching a culturally offensive product or for discriminating against an employee’s hairstyle like other big retailers were caught doing this year.

Instead, the retailer decided to skip the traditional casting call and hiring of industry approved models and used its employees, customers, and a few bad ass social media influencers to create their most stunning and real photo shoots yet.

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Photo: Modcloth

“All women — regardless of their size or measurements — deserve to be celebrated and seen in mainstream representation,” said Susan Gregg Kolger, ModCloth’s chief creative officer and co-founder. “We need to move past judging women by their bodies. Being ‘real’ is having substance and showing your true, authentic self.”

The new line represents women for who they are — confident and beautiful — and recognizes that all body types should be celebrated.

The photos are free from airbrushing (as part of the brand’s no-photoshop pledge that launched in 2014) and show off every beauty mark, tattoo, and other ‘imperfection’ that supermodel-based campaigns heavily retouch.

But this isn’t the company’s first step towards inclusivity. This past October the San Francisco-based brand combined its plus-size section with its main line last fall to show that women shouldn’t be divided into categories based on their size.

Aside from their newest swimwear campaign, ModCloth is also launching a new video series, ‘Hot Tub Round Table,’ where female entrepreneurs in fashion discuss the biggest challenges they deal with, including body positivity, online haters, and how they measure success.