Inspiring Quebec Tourism Ad Featuring Blind Tourist Goes Viral

A new video for Tourisme Québec could be the best thing you watch all weekend.

Created by agency lg2, “Blind Love” features an American named Danny Kean as he experiences the best Quebec has to offer. From white water rafting and helicopter rides, to zip-lining and dining, the video showcases Kean enjoying the hell out of all of it. But Kean experiences his travels in a different light than most of us – he’s been blind since birth.

But his lack of sight doesn’t stop him from joyfully experiencing the province through all of his other senses.

The three-and-half minute spot is part of a campaign launched this spring in the US, Canada, and France. It includes an experiential website that lets you relive “blind love” through the notable moments of Kean’s trip.

The spot has gone viral, with over 2 million YouTube views in less than a month. Just try to watch it and not crack a smile.