Last Minute Gift Wrapping Tips and Tricks

Though a finely wrapped present can show that someone really took the time to find the right gift, it is usually something that is completed just in the ‘Nick’ of time. Here are some last-minute gift-wrapping tips and tricks that will make your gifts look glam this Christmas. 

Using Kraft paper is a versatile way to personalize your loved one’s gift, especially if you don’t have conventional wrapping paper laying around.

Printing family photos and turning them into giftwrap makes for a special offering.

Wrapping your presents with old newspaper can transform your gift from looking like a last-minute job to looking deliberate and even elegant with the proper finishing touches. 

For an innovative and meaningful presentation, print off or use old sheets from the scores of momentous music. Using ‘your song’ or a favourite Christmas carol creates additional significance to your gift.

Whether you clip pine needles off of your Christmas tree or use dried flowers from the house, using natural objects make wonderfully unique accents.

Random objects from around your home can be used to add elegance such as old ribbon, trinkets like little bells, or even twine.

If you forgot to buy a card, personalizing gifts with homemade monograms or cutting out nametags is a great way to stylishly present and differentiate each loved one’s gift.

Writing or drawing a meaningful, festive message on clean coloured parchment or tissue paper can be an impressive way to display a present.

Gift-wrapping enhances the anticipation of a gift and some argue that it is even the most important part of giving. Though wrapping is often left to the last minute, presentation can make or break your gift. As long as you put in the effort, wrapping can be a fun way to display how much you care.


Cover Image by: Charleston Class