Pics from the Kanye West and Drake After Party at The Hoxton, Toronto

While you may have been on vacation, sleeping, at a much less interesting party, or working (very late), Kanye West and Drake were partying at The Hoxton in Toronto.

Kanye and Drake seriously lit up The Hoxton. Toronto fans got the surprise performance of the year (2013 can now end, thanks) when these superstar rappers held down the stage by rapping over each other’s tracks, singing hooks and dancing. Oh, and how about when Kanye started swinging from the rafters? Yes, that happened too. Yeezus!

Kanye appropriately sported a red long-sleeve that said T O R O N T O in huge bold capital letters, if being “a G-D” does’t win over a club full of Toronto’s scenesters, that definitely will. 

Hosted by Embrace, ZT Events, and Cory Litwin these popular promoters leveraged their connections with Drake and Kanye West, to bring the AP (after party) to local entrepreneur and hospitality guru Jesse Girard and Adam Gill’s The Hoxton, after Kanye’s concert at the ACC in Toronto. 

 As always Drake lived up to being one of Toronto’s biggest ambassadors ever and held it down for “his city”.

All Images by: James Drobik