Watch John Oliver Brilliantly Explain What a Nightmare the Internet Can Be for Women

There’s really no better way to start the week than a dose of comedic reality by John Oliver.

I purposely forgo tuning in when his pretty much perfect show, Last Week Tonight, airs on Sunday night because its message and tone are always so fitting for a Monday morning.

You always learn something about a highly under-reported issue of social or political significance, get positively worked up about an injustice – which is usually complemented by a call to action – and laugh the whole way through.

Last night’s episode was especially enlightening.


Oliver opened with an amusing AOL ad from 1995 about the wonders of the Internet, an essential of modern life that he says has evolved into a haven of harassment. And if you think that’s an exaggeration, Oliver sends his sincerest “congratulations on your white penis — because if you have one of those, you probably have a very different experience of the internet.”

The harassment Oliver refers to is the kind of abuse “any woman who makes the mistake of having a thought in her mind and then vocalizing it online” faces; anonymous attacks that can make people legitimately fear for their safety.

He then dives into a scathing, and hilarious, report on the astounding negligence expressed by the legal system in dealing with instances of revenge porn – an especially hot topic following Google’s announcement to curb non-consensual sharing of intimate images – and the shit women face when they’re susceptible to men with keyboards connected to the Internet.

It’s a must-see, and, as usual, the closing skit is absolute gold: