A Vancouver-Based Company Has Created Jeans You Can Exercise In

If you’ve ever wanted to hit the yoga mat or head out on a difficult hike without having to change out of your favourite pair of jeans, now you can.


A Vancouver-based company is introducing ‘high performance’ denim with a men’s line called DU-ER and a women’s line called Dish.

“We infused denim with really, the same type of fibres that high-performance athletes wear in their clothing,” said Founder Gary Lenett in an interview with HuffPost B.C. “They look like jeans and they feel like sweatpants.”

Claiming to be 30% lighter and 30% stronger than traditional denim, these jeans also profess to be both quick drying and temperature controlled. And in a world where biking to work, running for the subway, or taking the stairs is an everyday reality, feeling a little cooler certainly wouldn’t hurt.

But if you show up to an actual athletic event in these, we’re definitely picking you last.