Indeed Labs is Sponsoring Tonight’s ‘Notable Director’s Lounge’…And Giving Away a Beautiful Prize Package

A couple of weeks ago we let you know that this night was going down – and you got appropriately excited.

Well, now we’re back with even bigger and better news to push you over the edge.

And that’s because skincare experts (think: high science, technology, and innovation) Indeed Labs is officially sponsoring the Notable Director’s Lounge at Everleigh tonight (9-11pm). So beyond the exclusivity factor – it’s an invite-only affair for 150 readers and their guests – and the chance to network with fellow TIFF enthused young professionals, you’ll now have the chance to take home the entire Indeed Labs product line in, wait for it, a #selfie contest (obviously!).


Basically, you and your beautiful skin will be made even more glamorous with Indeed’s nanoblur, an instant skin perfecting cream, that will have you looking Insta-flawless and selfie ready in 10 seconds or less. From there, simply snap a selfie, hashtag it #nanobluryourselfie and you’ll automatically be entered to win.

But this isn’t some random winner kind of throwdown, this is the kind of contest that will be decided by Indeed’s collection of beauty bloggers, so get your game face on it. As long as game face (in this case) means selfie face.


Don’t worry, if the idea of pros going over your up close and personal has you a little nervous, that’s what the complimentary cocktails are for.

There are still a few spots left and we’ve extended the sign-up deadline until the end of the day today, so start practising your favourite pose and get ready for one hell of a night, ’cause this is going to be one of those here for a good time and a long time kind of parties.

Please note: in order to be eligible to win the contest you MUST be a subscriber. If you’re not already, you can quickly signup here

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