8 of the Most Ridiculous (and Hilarious) Reasons Millennials Might Quit a Job

There are plenty of great reasons to leave your job and find something better. Maybe you’ve lost your passion, or the company is about to go under, or you’d rather work for Donald Sterling than your current boss.

Conversely, there are plenty of terrible reasons to leave a job. Let’s call them ‘millennial’ reasons – not necessarily because millennials are the most lazy, entitled generation of workers ever (they’re not!), but because these office qualms have only been priorities over the past decade or so.

While most of us should be grateful to have a job in the first place, some people are willing to quit over the most unjustifiable trivialities. Here are 8 of the most ridiculous (and hilarious) reasons millennials might do just that…

1. When a work BFF leaves.
We’ve become so entangled with the idea that work should be a place of recreation and social fulfilment that we couldn’t possibly perform tasks without intervening rounds of gossip.

2. There’s no free breakfast.
Maybe we’d be on time in the morning if there were…

3. The food in the surrounding area sucks.
Not a single establishment in the immediate vicinity of your office deserves more than three stars on Yelp, and the lack vegan or gluten-free options would be laughable if they didn’t cripple your morale foundation. Also, coffee isn’t a perk, it’s a requirement – not having a solid go-to within walking distance means we’re walking away.

4. No one will go to happy hour… every few days.
Heading for a few drinks with colleagues every once in a while is a great way to bond with people you spend half your day with. Doing so several times a week is a great way to cross some lines. Nevertheless, we expect a partner in crime to be available Monday-Friday starting at 5pm sharp.

5. The office doesn’t have a ping-pong table or Xbox.
What is this? An office for ants?

6. It’s detrimental to your fitness.
You stretch in the morning, do yoga, run a 10k every week, and drop in to Crossfit classes when time permits – yet the shape of your body is slowly morphing into that of a pear, all because you’re ball and chained to a desk 10 hours a day. And this during your peak years. Unacceptable.7. There’s a no-phone policy during work hours.
“Not a big deal,” you foolishly told yourself during the interview.

8. Entrepreneurship sounds so awesome.
If you think being an entrepreneur is just a cool lifestyle choice, your concept of reality is dangerously concerning. Please have a plan first. And funds, and desire, and commitment, and work ethic, and luck, and the willingness to work harder than you ever have in your life.