Here’s How and Where to Get Healthy in Calgary

The last thing we want to do is talk poorly about the good times of summer, but it’s during these months that we always manage to let our routine and good habits slide.  With non-stop BBQs, long weekends and those 10 days of stampede drinking that we just endured, many of us have been dealing with the side effects of the season – including a lack of focus at work, the booze blues and, dare we say it, a few extra pounds.

To help you get inspired and rejuvenated, we’ve put together a shortlist of great ways to get back on track and ditch that lacklustre feeling that comes with overindulging:

Just Juice it.
Juicing is all the rage and Well Juicery offers up a delicious variety of cold pressed juices that are a great way to give your body a break from meat, wheat, dairy and processed sugars. The Play Well juice is delicious with organic apple, pineapple and mint, as is the Be Well that’s made with organic carrots, beets, lemon and ginger.

Go Veggie.
If you’re looking for a healthy meal, The Coup is one of our go-to spots. Focused on serving local and organic foods and making everything from scratch, the menu offers up a healthy and flavourful assortment of appetizers, satays and soups. Our recommendation is the Beach Front Hot Pot and the Green House Effect salad.

Sweat it Out.
There’s nothing like getting a good sweat on to clear you mind and get that metabolism going again. Jump on a spin bike at one of the many gorgeous spin studios in town like the Sweat Lab or One Cycle first thing in the morning. Doing a few high intensity cardio classes several days a week will make you quickly forget about the late nights spent eating pizza and drinking cheap beer on the grounds.

If that sounds like too much for your system, ease into working out with a barre class at the Barre Body Studio. You can also venture to the Yoga Hot Shop for a 60 to 75-minute Free Style Flow or Power flow class that will not only help you sweat, but also cleanse your body with the deep twists and poses. Your body will thank you!


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