Get Your Fanny Packs Ready… There’s a Camp Themed Party Coming to Toronto

“…we need to make 8 gallons of bug juice by snack hour; do you know where the powder packets are?”

If you’ve ever been to camp, or if you’ve ever seen Wet Hot American Summer, you’re probably getting a bit of cabin fever as the spring season makes its slow but steady entrance. Not to worry – there’s a party coming up at the Smiling Buddha that might just take care of the problem…

It’s called Wet Hot Canadian Summer and its being thrown on May 27th by Exploding Zebra, a Toronto-based event production company that specializes in “unusual social gatherings.” 

But if you ask us, there’s nothing unusual about wanting to put a little Kahlúa in your hot chocolate and dance with fanny-packed strangers around a candle that sort of looks like a campfire. 

The party starts at 8:30pm, it’s free, and all it requires is that you bring the appropriate camp-esque attire – including multiple changes of underwear. 

And that you be social. 

You don’t even need a sleeping bag… although, depending on your party habits, that might be a good idea.

They’ll have camp games, crafts, s’more-flavoured shots, and of course a DJ to make sure you get your dance on. And if you do a good job of getting into the camp spirit, you might even earn yourself a merit badge.

The most prestigious of which is obviously “Drunkest Camper.” 

Getting homesick is not an option.

BYOP (Bring Your Own Paddle).


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