Get Your Apartment Therapy With the New CURATE Collection

For many of us, having our home featured on Apartment Therapy is just a daydream. 

But that all might change, because thanks to CURATE we now have access to some pretty amazing designer goods and accessories. 

Sometimes referred to as the “Guru of Décor,” Alykhan Velji is one of the ‘it’ designers of Calgary right now. Between running his busy commercial and residential design business, making regular TV appearances, and sharing his style sense with various publications, he also runs the Style Guys site with his partner Jason Krell, an entertaining resource for all things related to fashion, being fabulous and celebrity. 

And with the new release of CURATE, this YYC tastemaker is staying extra busy sharing his first collection, called MADE IN CANADA. Showcased in the KIYA Home shopthe new collection features fashionable goods that will become instant conversation pieces in your pad. 

When we asked Alykhan what inspired CURATE, he explained that each piece was something he discovered in his travels, signature pieces that to him were timeless and stunning. 

And of course, made in Canada. 

Here are a few of our favourite pieces: 

Artwork by Zoe Pawlak
An artist who spends her time between Calgary and Montreal, Zoe’s work is simple, feminine chalk renderings. A perfect little art pick-me-up.
Candleholders by Alykhan and Mtharu
Sometimes less is more, and these elegant and earthy designs can be placed in a variety of spaces.
Carl and Rose’s Colourful Up-cycles 
Made from up-cycled products, each vase, potholder and clock has been given a punch of colour with a bold shade of car paint. These will become the focus of a room. 
Bowties by BanoeeMee
Alykhan has also added a few accessories to the collection, including stylish bowties by local designer BanoeeMee. Gents, if you need to add some ‘wow’ to your outfits, here’s an idea.
Happy shopping.


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