Canadian Tire is Letting its Head Office Staff Skip Work on Friday to Watch the Blue Jays

Let’s face it, there are going to be more than a few empty seats in the office tomorrow and Friday.

That’s because we’ve all waited 22 years for the beloved Toronto Blue Jays to make it to the playoffs – it’s a pretty massive deal, even if the first two games are at the worst times ever.

As you’re now aware, Thursday’s game starts at 3:37 pm EST and Friday’s starts at 12:45 pm EST. More than a little annoying.

Which is why yesterday we brought you 17 perfectly decent excuses to tell your boss when it comes to ditching your desk for SkyDome or your local watering hole to catch games one and two of the American League Division Series match-up against the Texas Rangers.

Well, if you work at one of the head offices of Canadian Tire Corp, no such excuses are necessary – at least not for Friday’s game.

The Canadian Tire head office in Toronto and the SportChek and Mark’s headquarters in Calgary have given employees Friday off all in the love of the good, old-fashioned ballgame. A total of 5,000 people will have the day off so that they can cheer on the Jays.

As for the employees at the individual Canadian Tire, SportChek, and Mark’s stores, they aren’t as lucky.

The stores will remain open during business hours, though they’ll likely remain empty, as anyone who has the leisure of shopping during the workday should probably be watching the game.

And your boss should probably let you as well – or at least broadcast the game at the office.