Urban Outfitters Asked its Salaried Employees to ‘Volunteer’ for Free Over the Weekend

When it comes to retail jobs, most employees are working them to make a few quick dollars or for the (young) love of fashion.

But we’re guessing they probably don’t love either the job or fashion so much that they’d work for free – especially when it involves packaging boxes.

Shockingly, that’s exactly what salaried employees who work at Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, and Free People were asked to do yesterday.

This was the email that home office URBN – the parent company who owns the retail chains – sent out yesterday afternoon to the employees. And no, this isn’t a joke.


Yes, you read that correctly.

URBN is boldly asking its salaried employees to come in over the weekend to “pick, pack, and prepare packages…” What’s in it for the employees you might ask? Well, they get a free lunch and transportation (to rural Pennsylvania).

Oh, and the promise that it will be a fun “team-building activity,” as the email suggests.

They even tried a little borderline guilt-trip, reminding the employees that October is an especially busy month at the fulfillment centre and that the company was pretty much in dire need of additional hands. We’re not too sure how the company would think this could go over very well.

Here’s to hoping that signup sheet remains inactive.