Cable and Satellite Companies Will Be Forced to Unbundle Channels Starting in 2016

Pending that cable will still be a thing next year, Canadians will be able able to select channel packages a la carte following a ruling by the CRTC.

The decision will prevent cable and satellite companies from bundling channels together in large packages, opting instead to give consumers a more condensed “skinny basic” package that will be capped at $25.

Consider it like a weight loss promo for your TV – except it doesn’t really offer an value. Channels included in the package are, fittingly, incredibly basic: local and regional programming, APTN, and a few educational broadcasts are the highlights for now.

We echo Canoe writer Bill Harris’ sarcastic woo hoo.

While definitely an improvement over the current situation, this arrangement is at most a middleground between what Canadians, and the Harper government, really wanted: a pick-and-pay system that gives you complete control over your channels. 

Which, if you’re savvy enough, is exactly what most people have for zero dollars a month. Or $8, if you’re on the Netflix train.

In conclusion, we’ll still be watching all of our favourite movies and shows online. 


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