This Bus in San Fransisco Could Actually Make You Love Public Transportation. Seriously.

If you live in San Fran and pubic transit just isn’t your thing, it is now.  

After a couple of years of testing, the city unveiled a luxury private bus line that will take work-bound techies between Marina District and downtown. The service runs during peak commute hours from 7am to 10am and 5pm to 8pm

It’s called Leap Transit. And it’s the product of a startup with a serious MO to redefine mass transit.

Taking the service isn’t the simplest thing and is actually quite the process at first: you have to download the Leap app, creating an account, upload a picture, and set a credit card minimum. It gets easier after that; to hop on board for the $6 ride, all you have to do is swipe a URL code from your phone.

So what’s so special about the bus?

Basically, it’s more like a lounge or a coffee shop than your means of transportation to work.

A far cry from you filthy, overcrowded local bus, Leap Transit has perks like high counter tops for laptop use, plush seating, wifi (obviously), USB ports, the ability to order things like protein shakes, coffee, and snack bars, on-site support, and an open and spacious design.

You can also receive live updates on where buses are along the route and how many seats are left. 

Finally, if you’re in the market for someone to flirt with for the commute, you can also peruse the profiles of other users – then look for them on the bus (because that’s not creepy).

Is it worth it? 

Well, it depends on how much that 25-minute commute means to the user, and how deep your pockets are. After all, a horrible commute can ruin a day at the office or night with your significant other.

Check out the video and decide for yourself:

Leap – Your daily commute. Redesigned. from Leap on Vimeo.


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