‘Build Your Own Burger’ and Table Service Will Kick Off at Edmonton McDonald’s Locations

Fine dining has finally arrived in Edmonton. (Joking!)

It’s no secret that McDonald’s is having a bit of an identity crisis – kale salads!? – but sometimes great things arise from difficult times. Such is the case in Edmonton, where 11 McDonald’s locations will soon allow customers to build their own burger from nearly 30 options on a touchscreen kiosk, and then have it delivered to their table.

Diners will have the privilege of choosing between five types of cheese, 12 toppings, two buns, a lettuce wrap and nine sauces (!), and can also choose from a few pre-designed combinations. McDonald’s stopped short of calling them ‘chef creations’.

The fancy new feature is part of the company’s 50th anniversary transformation, which will see new menus and table-side service offered at 1,000 restaurants across Canada by the end 2017.

The deadline for breakfast will remain 11 a.m., so it’s hard to tell what any of this really means.