Heartbreak: McDonald’s Canada Will Not Serve All-Day Breakfast

On October 6, our friends South of the Border will be able to abuse themselves with McDonald’s breakfast all day long.

It’s a move that has caused many to frolic with glee, Michelle Obama to shake her head in dismay, put the egg trade on high alert, and, as per usual with things like this, urged many Canadians to ask, “When will it be our turn?”

Heartbreakingly – or heart-savingly – it will never be our turn.

McDonald’s Canada confirmed yesterday that the company’s mockery of the most important meal of the day will remain subject to its current 11 a.m. cutoff across all 1,400 restaurants nationwide.

“We’re excited to hear the news out of the U.S. but we currently have no plans to launch all-day breakfast in Canada,” said Michelle Yao, a spokesperson for McDonald’s Canada.

The decision stems from a lack of grill real estate, rather than concern for your health – current setups simply don’t allow the necessary divide for Egg McMuffins to be prepared alongside Big Macs in line with regulations that dictate raw eggs cannot come in contact with burgers.

Yao, however, gave a pleasantly cryptic response that suggests all-day breakfast in Canada won’t be ruled out forever. “We will always evaluate our offerings to meet the needs and wants of our customers, and look forward to the learnings from the U.S,” she said.

What a relief.