6 Ways to Spend Your Cinco de Mayo in Toronto

We already told you in Friday’s Notable Now, but in case you weren’t paying attention, the 5th of May is actually celebrated because of a decisive Mexican military victory over the French way back in 1862. Don’t worry, though, like all major holidays history has managed to obscure its original meaning through decades of hard drinking and good eating. And frankly, we’ve never loved tequila and tacos more. Throw in the excuse to party on a Monday and we’d say Cinco de Mayo is already one of the best holidays of 2014. So we thought we’d do the right thing and give you six places* to get your margarita on in style. You can thank us later. 

El Caballito has been partying all weekend long but they’ve saved their best for last. Tromba Beer Bandera and Bandera Taco Plates await. Oh, and more than 60 different tequilas guaranteed to make Tuesday the worst day of the week. 

The Drake is hosting its annual Guacamole Smackdown. Two-time champ Steve Gonzalez (Valdez) will be defending his title against some of the city’s other top chefs. We already know who wins though – you. 

Not to be outdone by its big brother, Drake 150 is hosting a pop-up with Chef Donnie Masterton from The Restaurant in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Should be authentic to say the least.

Old favourite Dos Amigos is putting together a special Cinco de Mayo menu while also promising free giveaways. Free giveaways of what you ask? You’ll have to go to find out, ‘cause it doesn’t seem like they’re telling. 

King West hotspot Valdez is breaking its ‘no taco rule’. And if breaking rules just isn’t enough for you, you should also know we recently discovered they have one of the best mojitos in town.  

Notable favourite Fonda Lola is staying closest to the holiday’s origin by offering a French twist on their traditional Mexican fare. There’ll also be French martinis, piñatas broken every hour, and (we expect) a heck of a lot of tequila. Enjoy. 

*We know we said six, but if you haven’t tried the Caesar salad at Milagro yet, you still don’t know how you’ve been doing it wrong.  

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Top photo courtesy Valdez