3 Canadian Cities Among Top 10 in the World for Millennials

Montreal has been named the world’s second-best city in the world for Millennials

The ranking was published by the apartment finding service Nestpick, which evaluated cities based on 17 factors:

Montreal received high marks for its startup scene (8.1), access to contraception (8.6), immigration tolerance (9.9), gender equality (9.6), and festival ranking (9.0). It could really make some improvements in the areas of transport (3.6) – confirmed – and food (5.1), which is false.

If you can find a place to live in Toronto, meanwhile, you have it pretty damn good.

Despite an outrageously unaffordable housing market that’s forced people to either get creative or consider leaving, Toronto has been ranked the fifth-best city in the world for Millennials.


Toronto scored particularly high for its vibrant startup scene (9.5), access to contraception (8.6), immigration tolerance (9.9), personal freedom of choice (9.4), LGBTQ friendliness (9.8), and festival ranking (9.4). Its nightlife, beer, and nightlife, however, continue to suck.

Vancouver, coming in at the six spot, received high grades for its immigration tolerance (9.9), gender equality (9.3), personal freedom of choice (9.7), and startup scene (8.7). It scored not particularly well – terribly, to be precise) in tourism (2.5), housing (1.5), transport (2.4) and nightlife (3.2).

According to Nestpick, the best city in the world to be a Millennials is Berlin, Germany. This is partly because of a thriving startup scene, openness, and nightlife, for which is scored a perfect 10.

The top 10 below: