16 Notable Facts and Figures From Forbes’ 2015 List of Billionaires

There’s plenty of doom and gloom in the global economy, but one look at the 1 per cent of the 1 per cent’s bank accounts would suggest otherwise. 

Forbes released their annual list of the world’s obscenely rich yesterday, featuring plenty newcomers, records, and individuals with figures higher than the GDP of small countries. 

Yes, these people earn 10 figures.

It’s equally inspiring and depressing – and undoubtedly fascinating. Here are 16 notable facts and figures from Forbes’ 2015 list of world billionaires:

1. 290 newcomers entered the billionaires club last year, 25% of which come from China.

2. Michael Jordan is the most famous new addition to the clan, earning most of his money through Nike payouts on the iconic Jordan brand and stake in the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets.

3. Three of Uber’s first members joined the elite ranks despite often turbulent times for the company in international markets.

4. All three Airbnb co-founders are sitting on $1.9 billion fortunes. Their company is worth more than Hyatt Hotels.

5. Snapchat’s Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel are the youngest billionaire newcomers.

6. Nutella king Michele Ferrero’s widow, Maria Franca Fissolo, is the richest first-timer to join the 10-figure crew. 

7. Bill Gates retains his position as the richest man in the world. 

8. A record 90 Indians are among the world’s richest, five of them women.

9. There are 197 women among the world’s 1,826 richest people.

10. 70 countries are represented by individuals on the Forbes list.

11. Canada’s richest ambassador on the list is David Thomson & family, with a net worth of $25 billion.

12. 46 billionaires are under 40 years old. 

13. Over half of NFL owners are represented.

14. Russian president Vladimir Putin is a noteworthy absentee.

15. The food and beverage industry added the most members to this year’s list.

16. 19 billionaires made their fortune with alcohol… and we assume quite a few ruined theirs with it as well.


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