6 Reasons Why You Should Be Drinking Green Tea Right Now

It’s not just for killing time while you wait for your miso soup. 

From bones and cholesterol, right to your heart, Green Tea is one Kermit-coloured plant-based remedy that is legal everywhere and has been shown to have wonderful benefits for overall health and well-being.

So if there’s one thing you can’t afford to leave out of the cupboards, it’s a few sacks of this lovely leaf. 

Here’s why…

1. It Provides A Much Cleaner “Kick” 
In an 8-oz. cup of green tea there is usually up to 50 milligrams of caffeine. In a cup of coffee, you’ll find as much as 200. That means from green tea, you can get a sufficient “wake-me-up” with a much lower risk of the unpleasant side-effects like nausea, shakes, and headaches that sometimes roll around with an overconsumption of coffee.

2. It’s Good for the Ol’ Ticker
According to some clever folks, including the ones at Harvard Medical School, drinking green tea every day could reduce chances of Heart Disease, which is the 2nd leading cause of death in Canada and the 1st in the US. In one Japanese study, daily tea drinkers showed a 26% drop in likelihood of death from heart attack or stroke.

3. It Might Help You Avoid Cancer
Nobody is sure that green tea solely contributes to lowering cancer rates, but it is chock-full of chemicals recognized for their antioxidant activity, ultimately protecting cells from DNA damage as well as strengthening your skin against UV rays.

4. It’s Bone-Friendly 
Even 70-year-olds should be able to play Nintendo Wii without snapping a hip. Studies have shown that green tea may have a hand in stalling age-related bone loss and reducing fracture risks; especially in women.

5. It Could Have a Positive Effect on Cholesterol Levels 
Overall, green tea regulars have shown slightly lower levels of LDL than folks who had it nowhere in their beverage portfolio. For those who are unaware, LDL is “Low-Density Lipoprotein”, or more commonly referred to as, “The Bad Cholesterol”. 

6. It Could Have a “Slimming” Effect 
Some research has found that green tea can help reduce body fat and assist in stabilizing body-weight; an excellent complement to any exercise and nutrition regimen. It’s also been shown to be possible that it may have the potential to fight obesity and mitigate its related illnesses, the most common of which is diabetes.

Maybe it’s time to change up that mid-day Starbucks order…


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