12 Good Reasons You Should Quit Your Job and Work for a Startup

A growing number of young professionals (YPs) are so over the 9-5 grind.

Like, they can’t even anymore.

And while the corporate world offers trappings like benefits, a human resource team, and a degree of security, there’s a reason why a lot of the cool kids are opting to work for startups instead.

In fact, here are 12 good reasons you should quit your job and work for a startup. Right. Now.

1. You’re Not in it Alone
From business incubators and entrepreneurial networking events, to crowd-funding platforms like IndieGoGo (which led to successful campaigns for these startups), there are more resources than ever to support startups. Not surprisingly, 2014 saw a huge growth in Canadian startup companies. Startups are hungry for tech talent, and cities like Toronto have also seen an increase in coding schools, like HackerYou and Ladies Learning Code. So yeah, our growing startup culture won’t disappear any time soon.

2. The Corporate World Isn’t that Secure
Sure, working for a startup involves risk, but is the corporate word really that secure anymore? In the face of increased competition and accountability, we’re not too sure. A few months back, Scotiabank announced plans to cut 1500 jobs, Walmart Canada cut 210 head office jobs, and Montreal’s leading engineer firm SNC-Lavalin said it would cut 4000 jobs. Don’t even get us started on the CBC or BlackBerry.

3. You Get to Build Something New
As opposed to working for a long-established company, working for a startup – especially if you’ve been there since the beginning – allows you to be a part of the creation of something brand spanking new. Once it takes off, you can look back and know that your ideas, work, and dedication directly contributed to its success. You know, the same way Ben and Jerry did.

4. You Can Wear More (Really Cool) Hats
Not literally of course, but you’ll have a larger scope of responsibility if you work for a startup, especially if you’re just kicking off your career. If you get in early enough, you can gain experience in every aspect of the company, from sales and client work, to public relations – all important, transferrable skills for the resume.

5. It Can Become Huge
Sure, the paycheque offered at a startup may leave a little to be desired at the beginning, but consider the possibilities for growth. Some of the world’s most successful companies didn’t exist in the recent past. It’s difficult to believe, for example, that Facebook was obsolete a decade ago. Startups can takeoff so quickly that the only problem you may have is adapting to growth.

6. Your Work Gets Recognized
Working for a startup allows you to be more visible – so you better be on your game because there’s no hiding under your desk. When you’re visible to management, you’ll be directly recognized for nailing that pitch or that great idea. Or, at least, you should be.

7. You Actually Know the CEO
Instead of navigating the levels of corporate hierarchy to connect with top management, if you work in a startup, odds are that you’ll know the CEO so well that you know his or her drink of choice and text throughout the day rather than email.

8. Your Coworkers Become Siblings
When you work for a startup, your coworkers become your family, majorly impacting corporate culture. If you’re a people person (are you?), the typical, rigid, corporate environment may be limiting when it comes to interacting with your coworkers. A startup environment allows you to be your crazy, candid self more so than in a big company.

9. You Can Be Flexible
When you work for a start-up, you’re less likely to be confined to a cubicle (after a brutal commute), and can make magic in a more flexible workspace – whether this means the option of working from home, or from your laptop on communal office couches.

10. You Can Be Innovative
In a startup, you don’t have to feel like you’re annoying your coworkers when you ask for a brainstorm session. ‘Cause in a workplace culture of entrepreneurship, that’s what they do best. An entrepreneurial brain is one fuelled by innovation, creativity, and flowing ideas. And innovative people feed off of one another, making for an inventive corporate culture.

11. You Can Wear What You Want
If you work for a startup you can probably ditch the restricting suit or blouse. Not only does this mean you’ll save money on your wardrobe tab when your work and weekend clothes become interchangeable, you’ll probably be more comfortable in front of the computer screen. If you’re in a creative profession , you may even get away with rocking a pair of Chucks at the office.

12. You’ll Actually Like Your Job.
For all of the above reasons, you’ll actually like your job and remain passionate about it. Sure, every day won’t involve pizza parties and beer, but odds are that you’re not returning home after a long day grumpy, unfulfilled, defeated, or unappreciated like many of your friends grinding away in the corporate world. And if you ever do, you can text your boss and ask for a meeting the next day to change it all up. 


Cover image from: istock.com/Rawpixel

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