What Women Really Think About Men’s Taste in Interior Decorating

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus.

Need proof? Just look to their tastes when it comes to setting up house.

While women can certainly appreciate a worn leather armchair, there are many aspects of a man’s home they’d rather never have to look at again.

So we decided to ask women throughout Toronto for their opinion when it comes to the worst offenders in men’s tastes in interior decorating.  

1. Red Accents

“What is it about men and the color red? From a red wall, to red towels, men add that repugnant, ruby hue and think that they have a remarkably designed home.”

Katie, Dermatologist, 32

2. Mismatched/No Bed Sheets

“Men’s bed sheets are typically repulsive. When a man has mismatched sheets, or worse, no sheets at all, (duvets are supposed to have covers you know…) it shows that he has no sense of style or pride in himself and his home.”

– Veronica, Interior Designer, 27 

3. Bed on the Floor

“No bed frame just shows that a man doesn’t care about anything and he certainly is not going to care about you. It shows that he isn’t looking to impress anyone and worse, doesn’t even care about himself. If a guy doesn’t even have the decency to bring you home to an actual bed, then I advise you to escape that relationship while you can.”

– Sherri, Teacher, 33 

4. Metal TV Stands

“We all know men’s obsessions with the size of their…TVs, but what’s worse than a huge, honking TV? The tasteless, metal TV stands that men clunk their oversized screens on.”

– Angela, Dentist, 26

5. Lazy Boy Chairs

“Lazy boy chairs are our worst nightmare because they are exactly that, designed to encourage lazy boys. And could they get any bulkier or uglier?”

– Sarah, Financial Manager, 36

6. Black Leather Couches

“What would a bachelor pad be without a leather couch? Black leather couches are so clunky, heavy and dull. I loathe them.”

– Jen, Painter, 29

7. Futons
“There are so many reasons why futon’s are a bad scene. They are incredibly uncomfortable, they are bad for your back, and they resemble stuffed sacks. As an adult, your bed and couch should be two separate pieces.”

– Laura, Art Director, 38

8. Mismatched Towels

“Why do men have so much trouble with purchasing a proper set of towels? They are mismatched, stained, or all odd colors. Men’s bathrooms always have that one brown towel just flung over the towel rod. To boot, it usually has a musky smell to it. Get it together.”

– Kyla, Accountant, 27

9. No Cutlery or Dishes

“I’ve been to a guy’s house who didn’t have real cups. He was using red beer cups and plastic cutlery. I asked if he had just moved in and he looked at me like I was crazy. Clearly that relationship didn’t last.”

– Amanda, HR Specialist, 30 

10. Posters on the Wall

“Posters are not art, gentlemen. Unless you’re still living in your university dorm, it’s time to roll them up and toss ’em out.”

– Rachel, Sales Manager, 25

11. Mismatched Garage Sale Furniture

Ratty, chipped, or ripped mismatched furniture is down right disturbing. If you see furniture on the street, please leave it there. How can a woman get comfortable and relax when we are scared for our health every time we sit down?”

– Julia, Medical Assistant, 29


Cover image from: http://pitchengine.com/

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