Zzz: Here’s How to Stay Awake

For young professionals (YPs), it seems to happen more than many of us would like to admit: you stayed up way past your bedtime, for whatever reason, and now you’re wrecked and have a whole day ahead of you. Maybe you were partying, maybe you were working; whatever, we’re not here to judge. We are here to help! From classic coffee to more health-conscious options, to straight up energy drinks, we’ve got your lifesaving YP pick-me-up options covered…

Good old Joe
Coffee is probably the most common go-to for YPs experiencing foggy mornings or hazy afternoons. As we all know, coffee is a much-adored aid during fatiguing times due to its caffeine content. It’s a warm and reliable way to get that boost of energy so many of us have come to crave. But be warned: caffeine is of course a stimulant, and is considered to be one of North America’s most popular drugs. Working on the cellular level, caffeine stimulates nerve cells to release adrenaline and dopamine, both neurochemicals that can cause a “rush” sensation. Ok, sounds like just what you need right? Sure, but as many of us also know, when it comes to artificial stimulants, the high is short-lived. So while coffee may give you the lift that you’re dying for now, beware of the inevitable crash and burn that can leave you feeling even worse and needing more later. (Shout out to all the YP caffeine addicts!)  


Hydration and aeration
For a healthier option, there is no better way to get the body and mind back on track than to give them what they really need most (aside from sleep of course): hydration and oxygen. Your body is already working on overtime trying to fight the no-sleep problem, so give it a helping hand by sipping on some water, natural fruit juice, coconut water, or any other naturally hydrating beverage. Then, take your sluggish ass out for a quick walk. It may feel impossible, but once you get those lethargic limbs moving, some fresh air into those lungs, and some natural light on your skin, you will without a doubt feel better. Walking stimulates blood flow and releases endorphins, fresh air increases oxygen levels in the brain, and sunlight ups your vitamin D and serotonin; what could be better? Oh, we’ve got one… snack on a banana, too. The potassium and natural sugars in a banana will help brighten you right up and keep you that way for a more sustained period of time. Do yourself a favour by keeping your weary brain lubricated and your tired body loose so you can see through the sleepless smog and get to work.

The Hail Mary
If all else fails, there is the wonderful option that we GenX and GenY’ers are so thankful to have had invented in our lifetime: energy drinks. While a ton of these buzzing beverages currently exist on the market, some better than a whole lot of others, Josh Silver, PR Director for Hype Energy Drinks, suggests looking for what he calls “guilt-free energy,” a version of the popular beverage that contains “all the energy components one needs to become alert, without any calories or sugar.” Hype carries such a product, Hype Zero, which boasts a wonderful citrus taste and of course zero cals or sugar. For those days when alertness is seriously required but seemingly nowhere to be found, this temporary solution may be your only saving grace. Good luck!