You Can Now Have Access to Every Beer in the World in Your Kitchen

You know the struggle: half a dozen beers on tap at your local bar, none of which are particularly appealing. 

Or, even worse, in your kitchen where you have a choice of 0 draught beers. 

Well, beer lovers, your new favourite kitchen accessory has been untapped. SYNEK, currently sitting at almost three quarters of a million dollars in funding on Kickstarter, serves every type of beer in existence, fresh from the tap, from anywhere you desire.

That includes your office. 

Set for release in the U.S. this spring, SYNEK pours top-quality brew via 30-day+ safe-keeping bags in an incredibly mobile countertop dispenser no larger than a toaster. It encourages you to support local craft brewers, is a steal at just $300, and comes with a money back guarantee. 

Here’s why you’ll love it:


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