VIDEO: Sneaky Squirrels Steal Chocolate Bars From Toronto Store

A duo of squirrels has been caught red-pawed in stealing from a Toronto convenience store.

The enterprising rodents have been shoplifting Luke’s Grocery near Broadview Station over the past few months, making away with an assortment of chocolate bars. Snickers, Skor, Crunchie – hell, they don’t care. They’ll settle for a Big Turk if it means the family eats tonight.

Check it out:

The store’s owners can’t share the squirrels’ enthusiasm.

“We have chased after them and so have people in the store, but they often get away and one or two bars a day adds up profit-wise,” said Cindy Kim, whose family owns the store. “Right now, we are considering all the options.”

Might we suggest a door.