Video: A 21-Year-Old From Mississauga Just Broke the Beer Mile World Record

Go run a mile in under five minutes.

Seriously, go. We’ll wait.

What’s that? Oh, you had a heart attack? Right. Well, you’re certainly no Lewis Kent.

In case you’re somehow unfamiliar with the greatest ‘sport‘ of our time, a Beer Mile involves running a mile while also chugging four 12oz beers. Yes, four. One at the beginning and then three more after every subsequent quarter-mile.

So in order to beat the world record, 21-year-old Lewis Kent had to do that in under 5-minutes. In fact, the previous world record had actually been set just the day before by an Australian named Josh Harris. The new mark to beat was officially set at 4:56:02.

Kent clocked in at a now verified and official time of 4:55:78.

So he probably ran just over a 4-minute mile (the world record for simply running the mile is currently 3:43.13) and chugged four beers in less than 12 seconds each.

He is better than you in every way.

Is he the best in the world on the big stage though? Luckily, we don’t have to wait too long to find out. The Beer Mile World Classic (yes, it’s a real thing) takes place in San Fransisco on August 22nd. Kent and many other ‘stars’ of the sport will be in attendance.