8 Signs You’ve Found Your Weekend Soulmate

When the workweeks are more hectic and grueling than ever, we need to take full advantage of those two precious days – not to mention nights – of the weekend.

And what better way to do so that with a trusted sidekick who weekends the same way you do?

Whether it’s your significant other, longtime best friend, newfound partner in crime, or sibling, here are 8 signs you’ve found your weekend soulmate.

1. They Weekend the Same Way You Do
Whether your weekend is full of healthy brunches and 10k runs, or 4am cab rides home and your bed all day Sunday, by this age, most young professionals are divided in how we spend our weekends. That’s why you first and foremost need to find someone who likes to weekend the exactly like you do.

This is you two when you first met.

2. Sunday Caesars Are Not a Question – They Are a Fact
And if you get to the brunch spot (which is obviously a favourite of yours) first, you know exactly how much Tabasco they like.

3. Your Meals Complement One Another’s
If you order Eggs Benny, they get the Breakfast Special – ‘cause you both need to try both, obviously. Either that, or they like the drumstick and you like the wing during Saturday night hockey or Sunday football.

Thanks Obama.

4. You’re One Another’s Best Wingperson
Especially if you’re single, there are times on the weekend where a trusted wingman or wingwoman is pretty much essential. They’re your go-tos in everything from double dates to shameless evenings on the town after a break-up. A good wingperson is someone who understands you and always has your back.

5. You Both Know Not to Message One Another Before a Certain Time in the Morning
Whether the other person wakes up at 8am or 1pm on the weekend, you know exactly when it would be too early to call them and expect them to pick up. And they know the same about you.

And that’s okay. It really is.

6. Your Workouts Are in Synch
You always know who to call if you want a fitness date for hot yoga, a morning run, or a tennis match. Not only do you have an automatic brunch date afterwards, it just so happens that you share a similar fitness level and athletic ability, so one of you never makes the other look bad.

And really, how bad can you look in skin tight spandex?

7. You Share a Love of Shameless Late Night Grub
Just like the two of you have a favourite hangover place, the two of you share the same love (and need) for poutine, pizza, or McDonald’s after what was surely an eventful night on the town.

8. They’re Always Up for a Sunday Funday
If there’s ever a day to let loose, neglect the work email account , and have as much fun as humanly possible, it’s on a Sunday. There’s a reason why ‘Sunday Fundays’ became a thing. And nobody understands the importance of soaking every last fun-filled drop out of a Sunday than your weekend soulmate.