Toronto’s Most Notable Hotel Patios

Patio season is always a favourite time of year. You can bask in the summer sun, get kissed by the cool night breeze, and drink your sorrows away with the wisps of (somewhat) fresh air. While any patio can equate to a notable time, hotel bar or restaurant patios present the opportunity to network with tourists, globetrotting business leaders, and perhaps a special someone from an exotic land whose acquaintance you’ll meet if only for a couple hours. Here are some great hotel patios that highten the outdoor dining/drinking experience thanks to their locations… 

Boulud Terrace at the Four Seasons
World-class food with internationally-renowned service and awe-inducing wine and drinks list? We’ll take that any night of the week. Or right now. The new Four Seasons is swanky to the max, and that attention to detail is translated at Boulud Terrace.

Thompson Rooftop (pictured at top)
It easily became one of the hottest spots for locals and tourists alike thanks to its exclusive nature and stunning view of the city. The fact that you can lie poolside with an international babe is just icing on the impressively decorated cake.

One at the Hazelton
During TIFF you’ll see the stars… the rest of the year not so much, thanks in large part to our smoggy city sky. No matter, One Restaurant at the Hazelton is a people watching paradise, and you’ll have the chance to meet some of the most prestigious people from around the globe while sipping some bubbly under the night sky.

DEQ Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton
The cocktail program is why we go, but the random conversations with mysterious strangers is why we stay. DEQ’s, er, deck is perfectly perfect to lounge, relax, nosh on snacks, meet a high-class stranger for a tete-a-tete… whatever your heart desires. 

BOSK Terrace at the Shangri-La
Why would you sit in the lap of luxury when you can meander about the space and mingle with the glamourous visitors and sophisticated locals of Toronto? Maybe you have a dissociative disorder we haven’t heard of, but we’re all about movin’ and groovin’ on this Financial District hotel terrace.