Toronto’s Best New Bar of 2014 As Chosen by You

And the winner is…


A new favourite watering hole for the Bay Street elite and those in search for the perfect Manhattan, Speakeasy21 was sworn in as Toronto’s best new bar of 2014 with 27.4% of your votes.

Located in the heart of the Financial District, this leather-bound bar offers an extensive cocktail program, a unique and carefully crafted food menu for everyone from the snacker and the luncher to the formal evening diner, and, during the summer, a 3500-square foot patio. And for those of you afraid of the cold weather, it’s fully accessible through the PATH.

But they didn’t run away with it. Right on its heels, on the other end of the bar genre spectrum, was The Gaslight, located at 1426 Bloor Street W. and earning 23.7% of your votes. In a mostly-lit-by-candle, cozy, unassuming cabin-esque room, you’ll find a great selection of craft beers, a solid spread of whiskey and tequila, a by-the-pitcher cocktail option, and a creative, snacky bar menu that includes Broccoli Poutine. Between your voting and The Petshop Boys, it sounds like a great time to go west.

Rounding off the podium with a convincing 3rd place finish was Thoroughbred Food & Drink located in the heart of the Entertainment District. With great selections in wine, creative cocktails, beers, and ciders and a short but strong menu that includes a “Let Us Cook for You” option, it’s no surprise that this horse placed.

Other notable newcomers were Rush Lane and Linwood Essentials both with 7.8% of your votes and East Thirty-Six coming in a coincidental 6th spot with 6.7% of the nods.

Below you’ll find a cocktail coaster that breaks down all the votes. Take a look, and if you disagree with what you see, let us know in the comments section. Or next time, just grab a seat at the bar and vote…


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