Tokyo Bar

There are some bars in Montreal that are able to hold their relevance throughout the years, as both the times and the city changes. Tokyo Bar on the St. Laurent strip is one of those bars which boasts multiple popular weeklies, two different rooms, and a double-decker outdoor terrace which is almost impossible to get onto in the warm summer months.

Beating right in the heart of Montreal’s club district, Tokyo Bar is a hotspot for students living in the city as well as a destination for curious tourists looking to explore more of Montreal’s vibrant club scene. Regardless, this venue always manages to attract the youthful and energetic crowd and is noted as being a rewarding downtown experience. Why you ask? Because it boasts two parties under one roof every single club night.

Tokyo Bar houses a main room as well as a separate VIP room (complete with it’s own DJ) for all you high-rollers. With an Asian theme present in the design of the interior, the rounded tables and lighted bars create a relaxing yet classy environment. The VIP room features circular white leather booths and full bottle service, perfect for hosting that very important party. If you need to take a break from the hip hop or disco beats being spun by the DJ, or even just need to take in the sights of the city’s nightlife, Tokyo Bar’s two fully-heated terraces provide your relief, that is if you can actually make it onto them in the summer time when things can get a little, er, exuberant.

Martinis are the name of the game here and Tokyo Bar claims to have poured over 1 million for club-goers. For the young professional looking to expand their downtown Montreal resume, consider a trip to Tokyo and you’ll surely be up for a night to remember. Tokyo Bar, 3709 blvd St. Laurent, Montreal, 514-842-2575.