Chau Kitchen and Bar

East Vancouver-born Maria Huynh opened this neo-Vietnamese restaurant with a fresh vibe full of flair. Suitable for your craving for some hearty Vietnamese cuisine, Chau Kitchen and Bar is a trendy and upscale urban hot spot.

Chau’s dishes showcase the roots of Huynh’s family traditions, while adding some creative ingredients and sleek presentation that fuses the traditional with the modern. Chau Kitchen and Bar is a natural evolution from Cafe Chau, which Huynh’s parents opened at a refugee camp in Indonesia in 1978.

Using meat sourced by a local company, Chau Kitchen and Bar has a focus on quality and fresh ingredients that allow flavour profiles to soar off the plate.

The Beef Carpaccio has rare and thin beef slices with a garlic lemon dressing, fresh herbs and shallots to decorate, combining a rich hue of flavours in a symbiotic dish. The Shredded Pork with savoury caramel sauce, lotus stem, and pickled daikon is an interesting mix of sweet and mildly sour. And of course, no traditional Vietnamese menu would be complete without Pho Bo – rare beef slices, brisket and meat balls and a flavourful broth – or Pho Ga – poached ginger chicken breast swimming broth with herbs and crunchy bean sprouts.

Chau Kitchen and Bar is an excellent restaurant for young professionals who want a sampling of something exotic, but that’s surprisingly close-to-home in what appears on the plates. On weekends, Chau turns up the volume on their energizing music and keeps pumping out the fresh and sumptuous dishes until midnight. Chau Kitchen and Bar, 1500 Robson Street, Vancouver, 604-682-8020.