Bocata Restaurant and Wine Bar

Tucked away on a quaint street in the Old Port is Bocata Restaurant (Bar A Vin), a tapas wine bar owned by Roberto Barroco – who also owns Barroco right next door. Bocata is a venue of intamacy, with only 30 seats housed beneath a low ceiling and surrounded by stone walls. The candlelit atmosphere scoring dates points in the romance department. With no sign on it’s outside (giving it an air of mystery), fine books and bottles of wine lining the walls of its inside, leather-upholstered booths, and a wine and cheese center table, Bocata lends itself well to the definition of class.

The tapas-style Latin menu will give you the opportunity to taste a plethora of dishes while you sip succulent wines in this cozy restaurant. The sharing of food encouraged by tapas dishes makes this gem in Old Montreal seem like the ideal place for a casual first date or after-hours business meeting. You can ignite your taste buds with a 6-course tasting menu for just $60, and if you’re a vegan let them know in advance and they’ll create a special dish just for you: a fine example of Montreal’s outstanding service.

Chef Benjamin Leonard has crafted a notably French Cuisine-inspired menu for Bocata which features Veal and Manchego, and duck and arugula salad as some of its star items, along with many smaller dishes for sharing. Tap into Bocata‘s extensive wine list and enjoy an assortment of vintages by the full or half glass, including some impressive private imports. The wine selection book is bible-size so you’ll have plenty to choose from and all at reasonable prices. The intimate nature of the venue coupled with the peacefulness of surrounding Old Montreal creates a comfortable evening environment perfect for conversation over a light dinner: Everything required for the young professional who needs to impress without burning a whole in their pocket. Bocata Restaurant, 310 St. Paul West, Montreal, 514-507-8727.