This New Video Stabilization Software Just Changed the GoPro Game Forever

If you want to improve your videos, there’s new software that’s a total game-changer. It solves one of the biggest problems (and annoyances) when it comes to shooting action videos: stability.


Meet ReelSteady, an incredible video stabilization software for After Effects. It basically works wonders.

Whether you’re waterskiing, mountain biking, or riding a rollercoaster, the software offers stable, smooth results from shots that were otherwise impossible to stabilize.

The software is the brainchild of video effects specialist Robert McIntosh and a friend of his.

“A lot of people have been asking me how I get my videos to look the way they do,” McIntosh writes. “The answer is not heavy gimbals, or balancing props, or special PID settings. It’s this video stabilization software. It really does work that good.”

An impressive two-minute video demonstrates the software’s ability to stabilize shaky clips, making them more usable.

ReelSteady’s features include advanced rolling shutter removal, built-in lens distortion correction, adjustable smoothness value, a choice between static or dynamically animated cropped results, custom output resolution, a re-stabilize duration tool for refining problem areas, masking tools for guiding stabilization, the saving and loading of presets, and default presets for GoPro footage.

The first consumer version of the software just launched yesterday and can be pre-ordered for $399 for After Effects.