This Massive, Inspiring Public Art Initiative Has Transformed an Entire City

Sometimes all you need to revitalize a tired downtown core is an overload of colourful public art.

Last week, we told you how crosswalks in Madrid have become colourful works of art, making for a far more vibrant morning commute.

Now, Arkansas is on our radar thanks to the inspiring Unexpected Festival in Fort Smith.


The annual 10-day arts and cultural initiative invites world-class street artists to seriously revamp the walls of the city’s downtown area.

The result is a seriously stunning and totally Instagram-worthy outdoor art gallery.

JUSTKIDS, a network of artists, designers and consultants that create international art and gallery shows, painted bold murals and created various indoor and outdoor installations that are truly breathtaking.


This year’s line-up included well-respected artists like Guido van Helten, Faith47, Bordalo II, and Alex Diaz.


The exhibition is currently running through October 1, 2016.


After seeing the photos, it’s kind of hard not to want to see our own city transformed with more mural art like this recent creation by street artist Phlegm in Toronto.

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